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Commercial Cannabis Location Restriction Ordinance at City Planning Commission: CPC-2017-2260-CA

September 23rd, 2017
On September 14, 2017 the City Planning Commission heard public comment and voted on the Commercial Cannabis Location Restriction Ordinance. The following link will take you to the City Planning website where materials related to the ordinance are located:

The Commercial Cannabis Location Restriction Ordinance is a proposed Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) amendment that would establish location and distancing requirements for commercial cannabis activity within the City. The Department of City Planning drafted the ordinance in response to the passage of Proposition M, which requires the City Council to repeal the City’s existing regulations concerning medical cannabis dispensaries and states the City’s intent to adopt a comprehensive regulatory process and structure for all medical and nonmedical commercial cannabis activity. The Commercial Cannabis Location Restriction Ordinance is one component of that larger regulatory structure. This draft ordinance is limited in scope to restricting the location of various types of commercial cannabis activity.

Another component of the regulatory structure, an ordinance creating a Department of Cannabis Regulation and Cannabis Commission, has already been adopted by the City Council. Additional regulations regarding the specifics of the application and review/approval process, operating standards, enforcement, and other topics are being developed by other City departments and will be processed separately.

Draft operation requirements and regulations for cannabis businesses in the City of Los Angeles will be taken up by the REIG Committee on Monday

Cannabis Q&A

The draft ordinance:

• Allows certain defined commercial cannabis activity to take place in the City, so long as it is:

  • Conducted by persons operating under a State license.
  • Authorized by the City’s Department of Cannabis Regulation.
  • In compliance with the location restrictions specified in the ordinance, as well as with additional regulations.
  • Identifies zones within which specified types of commercial cannabis activity are eligible to operate.
  • Requires that cannabis retail activity with on-site sales observe a specified distance from sensitive sites, as well as from other cannabis retail activity with onsite sales.
Let your council office know your thoughts on the proposal.


September 15th, 2017

The Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee will be reviewing multiple Council Files on cannabis at a special meeting on September 25th.  All Neighborhood Councils should be weighing in with Community Impact Statements on the cannabis Council Files.  Please make your community’s voice heard on this important issue.

Commercial Cannabis Location Restriction Ordinance will be at CPC 9-14-17

September 6th, 2017
The Department of City Planning has released its staff recommendation report on the Commercial Cannabis Location Restriction Ordinance (CPC-2017-2260-CA). The report and supporting materials are available at the following link:
The City Planning Commission will consider the draft ordinance at its regular meeting on Thursday, September 14, 2017. The meeting will take place at Los Angeles City Hall in the John Ferraro Council Chamber (Room 340), with the item scheduled to be considered after 11 a.m. The meeting agenda will be posted in the next day or so at under “Commissions & Hearings” and “City Planning Commission.”
The meeting is open to the public and all interested persons are welcome to attend and offer testimony on the draft ordinance. Any written comments should be addressed directly to the City Planning Commission at; however, feel free to copy me at Please remember to reference Case No. CPC-2017-2260-CA in your correspondence.
If you have any questions, please direct them to me at or 213-978-3405. Any media inquiries should be directed to Cheryl Getuiza, Cheryl.Getuiza@lacity.org213-978-1203.
Thank you for your continued interest and participation.