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CNC Reports Update

July 13th, 2011

Thank all of you who have sent emails to let us know that you have not been receiving your electronic NOTIFICATION OF NEW ENTITLEMENT APPLICATIONS – EARLY NOTIFICATION REPORTS from the Department of City Planning.

We have been in communication with Claudia and the problems are being worked on. There was an undiagnosed problem with the server. Accordingly the last report distributed was June 6. Planning is continuing to have glitches with the system and the problem persists.

We understand that many NCs rely on these reports which provide the earliest possible information about all applications for planning entitlements that have been filed in their NC area, even though not all applications are complete and some cases may eventually be withdrawn. Included in the report is contact information about the applicant so you can obtain more information about the project very early in the process.

To get you this information while the system is being worked on, the City Planning Department has generated the reports for June 21st and July 5th and has posted them on their website. Continuing problems resulted in posting of the July 5th report multiple times. As soon as the system is back on line you will be receiving an eblast.

Here are the direct links for the reports.

This is the direct link to the 6/21 report:

and to the 7/05 report:

Please also share with others who may be missing their reports.

Edward Hunt, PlanCheckNC City Planning Oversight Committee

Claudia Rodriguez, Neighborhood Liaison, City Planning Department at (213) 978-1283 or

Maggi Fajnor, Chair, PlanCheckNC

Thank you again to all who let us know about the problems in the system. We invite you to also let us know if you encounter problems in the future so that solutions may be identified expeditiously.