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Realignment of City Departments

April 6th, 2013


The City Clerk just released the PLUM agenda and the consolidation report will be heard next week April 23 ~ see Item No. 2 on the PLUM agenda.

As promised, listed below are updated links to access the Consolidation Report and our department’s Comment Form, on-line:

Consolidation Report

Comment Form

Please disregard the link in previous email sent on April 8th.  We have updated those links and look forward to your input.

Should you have any questions or concerns you can also contact:

Estineh Mailian
Senior City Planner
Direct Phone: (213)978-1308
Address: Department of City Planning, 200 N. Spring St., Suite 532, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Please find the report transmitted to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee on April 5, 2013, in response to Council Motion filed under CF No. 13-0046. The report contains a joint recommendation from the General Manager of the Department of Building & Safety and myself, to create a new Department of City Planning and Development which will house key functions involved in the development process in order to reduce redundancies, improve transparency and streamline the process in Los Angeles.  The recommendation includes the integration of functions from the Department of Building & Safety, Department of City Planning, Department of Public Works’ Bureaus of Engineering and Contract Administration, Fire Department and Department of Transportation.

Please know that this is a long term plan that will be refined in the next several months and will include many opportunities for input.  I will keep you posted as it moves through the legislative process.  I appreciate your support and willingness to embrace change.


Michael J. LoGrande
Director of Planning
City of Los Angeles Planning Department
200 N. Spring Street. Executive Office
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel. 213.978.1271
Fax 213.978.1275