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ACE Program

March 17th, 2011

Supporting documentation on the City Attorney’s Administrative Citation Enforcement Program (ACE) introduced by Jane Usher at the March 12 PlanCheckNC Program are linked below.  Among other things, the draft ACE ordinance addresses the request for penalty fees for the issuance of “after the fact” permits, administrative penalties for planning and zoning code violations, and a penalty structure severe enough to deter future violations of City code enforcement regulations.   Attached for your information is the City Attorney’s report on the ACE program, the report from the City Administrative Officer and the response from the Planning Department.  This is an opportunity for Neighborhood and Community Councils to move this forward by passing a Motion in support and to convey to their councilperson and the full council a request for action.  Your council may wish to comment on the importance of the full program rather than merely a pilot program with Animal Services.  Additional information is on record using the City Council File system (Council File 10-0085) or on the City Attorney’s webpage.

Please review and send your comments to the City Council for action.  This is an opportunity to inform ourselves and share information and insights with others across the City.

10-0085_rpt_atty_7-30-10 ACE

10-0085_RPT_CAO_03-07-11 ACE

10-0085_rpt_plan_11-3-10 ACE