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BMO/BHO Code Amendment: Staff Report to City Planning

July 7th, 2016

On July 14, 2016, the City Planning Commission will consider the proposed Baseline Mansionization Ordinance and Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BMO/BHO) Code amendment and make a recommendation to the City Council. This is in response to Council Motion CF 14-0656 requesting​ ​the Department address concerns regarding out-of-scale development in single-family​ ​neighborhoods.​ ​Once the Commission makes a formal recommendation, the Code amendment will be considered by the City Council. Changes may still be made before the City Council’s final decision.

The Department of City Planning has prepared a staff report with updated recommendations for the Commission’s consideration. The Department has also prepared a summary fact sheet of staff’s recommendations and a revised, expanded Questions & Answers document detailing the proposed ordinance and staff recommended ​modifications.​

For your convenience, these documents are attached to this email.​ You can also find them on the Department of City Planning’s dedicated Neighborhood Conservation website. An agenda of the Commission meeting will be posted shortly at under “Commissions & Hearings.”

​The Department appreciates the interest and involvement of the ​many individuals and organizations who have weighed in with their thoughts and comments on the proposed ordinance. We ask that any further comments be made directly to the City Planning Commission, either in person at the July 14 meeting or by email at

For questions, please contact Niall Huffman (213) 978-3405.

Link to documents here