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LA Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) Announced

November 27th, 2013

Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC)
The Director of Planning announces the re:code LA Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC)

The following 21 Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) members will play a vital role in the re:code LA effort by providing guidance on zoning policy direction. Represented interests include academia (environmental, transportation, and design), neighborhood organizations, social activism, business, and development. The ZAC members possess valuable expertise and unique perspectives on zoning and planning in the City of Los Angeles. The re:code LA team looks forward to working with this outstanding team in the upcoming years.

Fred Abdelnour
Sharon Commins
Kathy Delle Donne
Liz Falletta
Noel Fleming
Lark Galloway-Gilliam
Simon Ha
Edgar Khalatian
Louis Krokover
Mia Lehrer
Yvette Lopez-Ledesma
Romerol Malveaux
Joel Miller
Bill Roschen
Donald Shoup
Carol Sidlow
John Stammreich
Elizabeth Timme
Yasmin Tong
Mark Vallianatos
Richard Willson

We received 140 applications, but unfortunately we can only appoint a limited number of individuals. Therefore we were not able to select some extremely talented, experienced, and respected people, in most cases because there was already sufficient representation from the same interest or region of the City.

The re:code LA team would like to thank all of these applicants for being willing to lend their time and expertise to this effort, and look forward to working with them other ways.

re:code LA is the first comprehensive update to the Los Angeles Zoning Code since 1946. This five year initiative aims to develop a modern and user-friendly Code in order to create livable communities, encourage sustainable development, and foster economic vitality. Please invite your friends and neighbors to visit us at to learn more about the project and sign up for email updates.

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Housing Element @ PLUM & Housing Special Committee Meeting 11/5

November 4th, 2013



The PLUM and Housing Committees will meet tomorrow for a joint meeting to discuss the

Environmental Impact Report and related California Environmental Quality Act
findings, reports from the Mayor and the Los Angeles City Planning Commission,
and Resolution relative to a propose
d update to the Housing Element of the
General Plan for the period 2013